Monday, March 16, 2015

Introducing S50 System, 50mm Compatible Shelving

S50 System,
50mm compatible
m25 system
S50 shelving Concept
Caem introduces S50 System. Please Click belw to see and download the brochure which explains our approach in designing our 50mm compatible shelving:
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S50 Key factors
  • made in Europe, made in CAEM
  • option for central back panel, get more merchandising space and save costs!
  • offers compatible shelves
  • option for reduced 22mm shelf edge
  • option for plasticized modular planks
  • option for T13, one piece shelf without channels
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    Case History

    S50 with Central Back Panels.

    Our registered design for central back panels is raising interest across top buyers in the retail industry. Proposed so far to a fewer public, it has received exceptional welcome.
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    Case History

    Hospital Dispensary fitted with Medidrawers

    Our fully modular extractable shelves, called Medidrawer, deliver a perfect, modular, adjustable, competitive solution for hospitals dispensaries.
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