Tuesday, April 8, 2014

LED light under the Glass Shelf

Retailers do need proper displays for an effective merchandising. They often require the use of latest technologies for improving their ROI of the store, of specific areas of their sales.

LED has been now around for many years, costs have dropped and effectiveness improved. It remains to the manufacturers of store fixtures and shopfitting to developed the most effective and cost effective way to use the new light technology to improve retailers' sales.

Effectiveness, to be delivered by attractive display.
Cost Effectiveness, to be achieved by designing modular fixtures, yet light, easy to install, adjust and maintain.

The new LED-Cross solution for this light shelf looks like a promising example. In this case installed on M25 system with central back panel, it includes an interesting cross bar to be installed both front facing or back facing. Led will dissipate their heat via air circulating thanks to the light structure of the support. The glass shelves are perfect for pharmacy , health and buty sections within grocery stores, and with this new light, which fixtures remain invisible to the customer, they deliver more value to the retailer.