Monday, October 21, 2013

M25 System with Central Back Panels

M25 system includes the most advanced features in terms of gondola shelving systems:
  • 25mm spacing upright for precise merchandising. Like most popular systems in Europe, M25 features 25mm precision positioning of brackets.
  • central back panel (totally boltless) for space saving (back of shelf to back of shelf in a gondola down to just 20mm) and cost saving (one wall of back panels, not two)
  • cutout shelves at the back, to achieve same merchandising area whilst using shorter bases and brackets
  • multiple shelf models available: T25 shelf without channels, M25 double channelled (H=25mm but 50mm binning system  compatible), S50 double channels 30mm height
  • base as low as 9cm
  • brackets have a thin profile, to accomodate the slimmer plastic price rail of H=26mm