Thursday, March 13, 2014

F&V Table Display for Produce

Produce remains a high margin area for food retailers. Display requires to be solid to guarantee durability despite continuous loading of goods and flexible, to adjust to season's fresh items.

Caem developed the F&V Table Display for Produce: totaly modular, adaptable and changable in configuration, this table allows maximum flexiblity in
DEPTH, thanks to the extra tray expandable at any moment in time
INCLINATION, thanks to the multi slotted gear, it works flat and inclined 

The F&V Table Display for produce represent a solid fixture with added value features such as multiple inclination and an extractable extra tray for more display.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

US Pharmacy Modular Counter - Fruth

After introducing PharmaTray, the tray modular system for pharmacy dispensing solution, Caem introduces the Modular Counter System.

If perfectly integrates accessories as  wiring to bring power requires by pharmacy appliances , hinging or sliding cabinet doors, bulk containers.

The top can be custom built with specific shapes and sits on top of the 4post - minirack structure created in a modular way by the T25 modular steel frame.

Totally customizable thanks to its modularity, the Caem Counter solution remains adaptable and cheangeable as the pharmacy layout requires adaptations.

With this solution, the pharmacy chain invests in long lasting fixtures that will be re utilized in future, be it in the same pharmacy with a different layout or at another location.

Attached is the solution provided to Fruth Pharmacy.