Saturday, May 17, 2014

Podium - Ergonomics of Customers not Approaching Base Shelf

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Merchandising is more sophisticated every day. Customers ergonomics now come into an important factor too. This is why the newest pharmacy chain formats prefers not to display goods in the lowest shelf.

Gone are the days where 'the more i merchandise the more i sell' - kind of thinking. Who comes first is the customer, the consumer, who is spending time in a pharmacy and maybe not comfortable with bending over to have a look at a soap bar or pick up a body lotion.

PODIUM is the Caem answer to use modular metal shopfitting systems and deliver a sleek design on the lower part of the merchandising whilst not being loaded of goods.

Podium self aligns to the gondola end units, to the uprights side covers and bases side covers. The entire gondola, still modular and fully metallic, improves its look and the customer benefits from a better customer experience, from shopping in an enjable and environment to apporaching goods ergonomically.

PharmaCaem - the pharmacy shopfitting solution, by Caem

PharmaCaem range includes all options for modular pharmacy shopfitting.
From specific gondola ends to power wings, from slim profile shelves to a range of glass shelves ex stock. From many corners options to the unique Caem-colour-range, all propertary from Caem

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