Monday, October 27, 2014

What about safety of your shopfitting solution?

side visible waving
Modular metal shelving is excellent in terms of flexibility. You can configure shelving in infinite ways. But you need to keep quality in mind, and safety.

Here is something I think is a must to post. The shelving is from a major European and global manufacturer. It is a mono-branded display so probably the designer of this solution wanted to make it easy to put inside boxes and to ship in small quantities to diverse locations.

two pieces helfway through the height
But what about safety? 

a lot of weight
The upright connection, as it is normally called, is as long as the main upright. There are no screws nor locking clips. The vertical column holding all the un balanced weight is cut into two halves and is sharply inclined In both axis. Very dangerous. 

In Italy we started a process to create a norm for ruling shelving that goes into public places, like retail environment. There is obviously a lot to be done! The customer must have enjoyed the look and the practicality of the solution, but safety is under doubt. 

This display is for dog food. Deep shelves and heavy bags require a strong solution. The designer here only kept in mind look and cost efficiency but the result is risky for every consumer going shopping.

This is an invitation for critical analysis of shelving solutions proposed in the industry.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

M25 with Gold Checkout Supermarket in Milan

Interesting installation from Caem for an average sized supermarket in Milan. Together with M25 25mm shelving with frontal back panel in a custom colour, the installation included:
- GOLD checkout made by Caem Italy, with full electric automation
- Bread Display built with modular metal shelving and timber finishes from the 'Infinity' range.
The capacity of delivering the entire solution led Caem building a satisfied customer who find a one stop solution place as far as shopfitting systems concerns.

Installazione interessante per Caem a Milano. Questo supermercato di medie dimensioni è stato arredato con :
- scaffalatura M25 con schienale frontale in un colore speciale
- banco cassa GOLD made in Caem
- Espositore per Pane , normalmente denominato retrobanco pane.
La soluzione di arredamento Caem è oggi piu completa che mai, e garantisce la soddisfazione del cliente che trova un fornitore completo ed industriale.