Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Price Tag Holder h=26mm - Epos, Porte Etiquette

EXTRA one piece shelf has a reduced occupacy of 25mm of merchandising space: for normal price tags it features a 40mm epos plastic rail that is hinging, to allow products on the shelf below to be picked by customers.

For smaller tags that delivers more visual impact to products, Caem has developed a 26mm height price plastic rail.

It installs seamless by a click onto the shelf, it is hinging but won't cover any of the product below the shelf.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fruit and Vegetable Display - Produce Display

Fully modular with adjustable inclination and size, this new F&V display delivers robustness for the fast logistics of fresh produce.

The boxes with produce can be displaied directly over the strong shelf. The inclination can be adapted to the need.

An extractable shelf will deliver extra merchandising space for peak seasons or adjustability of display.

Perfect for hypermarkets.